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This page contains links to various home owners association documents.  For security reasons (this website can be viewed by the public at large), lock access codes have been blacked out in documents that contain this information.

To view and/or print these documents you will need a PDF file viewer program such as the free Adobe Acrobat Reader.  For best results in viewing these documents, save them to your hard drive first then open them from your hard drive rather than opening them directly from the Internet connection. Most all of the PDF files below are text searchable to make it easy to find keywords or phrases.  For a short explanation on how to use the Adobe Acrobat search feature, click HERE.

Many of the documents below were scanned at 300 DPI resolution or 600 DPI resolution by the webmaster from his personal copies and are assumed to be complete, but not guaranteed, since I have no access to the originals to do a comparison. 



  • 2012 Neighborhood Directory (Released October 15, 2011 and last revised on November 19, 2011) - Just as the 2010 directory, the 2012 directory includes a plat map of our neighborhood. The directory is a "living" document in that it can and will be updated as necessary to keep it current when the webmaster is notified of changes to names or phone numbers listed.  NOTE:  This document is password protected - please contact a member of the board or the webmaster for the password if you have lost it. Document make take several seconds to open once the password is entered. Special email addresses have been created for each street address.  See directory for more information. If you find any incorrect or missing information, please let the webmaster know so he can update the directory. The email address for the webmaster is on the Contacts page.



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