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Mailbox replacement

Is your mailbox or post rusting, damaged or otherwise in need of replacement? Remember that it must be replaced with the same model as the builder installed.  The post model name is Raphael and is sold by Crenshaw Quality Products.  See below for contact information and website.

Raphael Mailbox Post

Contact Crenshaw Quality Products at
 770-345-3229 or 770-345-4229 or visit their website at

"We are Atlanta's oldest mailbox company and have been providing mailboxes and street signs to builders and home owner associations for over 27 years. We pride ourselves on providing great products and services at affordable prices. Whether you are looking for a single mailbox for your home or your community has a project in mind, Crenshaw Quality Products (Posts by Dean) is here to help!"

An acceptable mailbox is made by Gibraltar (black version only - white version is not approved) and is available from several local stores shown on the Gibraltar website. Click here for store names.


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